Monday, 24 June 2019

Confusions of an Indian Teenager - II

"If life were predictable it would cease to be life,
 and be without flavour!"
                                                               - Anonymous


Three months isn't a long time yet it might feel so. That's how long this blog needed research and observation. And finally, I'm done! To all our new readers I hope you went through the first part of "Confusions," if not then please do. So, let us all buckle our seat belts as this is going to be a long and a bumpy ride.  
To begin I first thank all the volunteers who were brave enough to share their fears and confusions with us. In order to maintain their anonymity, I won’t be revealing their names but just use their questions and suggestions. Just to put it out there as this is going to be a long blog, I’ll be expressing my views very briefly. So, I hope it’ll be good enough for all of you.
Let’s begin then!!!

“Whether to fall in love or not. If yes, will it last?”

To begin, Love is a wonderful thing yet deadly. Falling in love can never be anticipated; it just happens. Love is never meant to be permanent, cause if it is then it would affect the very cosmos itself. But that doesn’t mean that there is no true love. Forever afters still exist. Nowadays love has turned into lust, there used to be times when people used to love from one corner of the earth to the other. So, here’s my suggestion for you is give it some time you’ll find your perfect half. Until then all you can do is wait.

“Why are parents always on our case?”

There are a number of reasons for this issue. When our parents were young, going through the same phase as us they had a wonderful society and environment where there was no usage of drugs, liquor, tobaccos etc., hence making it easy for them to decide and survive. All they had to do was go to school, come home, eat, homework, play and such. But nowadays the case isn’t the same. Things change and so do people. Our society has evolved in such a way that just playing outside isn’t safe anymore. They are just worried about us nothing more nothing less. The simplest answer to your question is love. Imagine how you would be reacting to your child in the future. Always remember whatever your parents do, it’s not to pull you down but rather to help you climb higher.  

“Why are boys and girls treated differently? We are all the same age.”

Boys and girl are nowadays the biggest of talks between people. You are not treated differently; you are just perceived differently. But remember this, no one is judging anyone. Well this is a tough one, but I like a good challenge, so here goes nothing and this is just my point of view. Even though you people are of the same age, each of you are in a state of growth where you are growing up to become a young man or women. Although you people (boys and girls) have a good understanding between yourselves, this is the age where you’ll be having mixed feelings. You will be emotionally unstable and be requiring help. To make it easier for you, you all are treated accordingly. This is just a phase, like you mentioned… it’ll be over before you even realize. So, enjoy these wonderful years.

“How to be positive when everything around you are negative?”

A great question bud. This is a wonderful topic and I can just go on and on but as I mentioned earlier I must be brief. But I assure you there will be a blog on this. So, how to be positive when things around you are negative…… it’s simple as addition. Just HOPE! Yes, you read correct. Positive and negative are just two sides from the same coin. Sometimes positive is good and sometimes it’s bad. Sometimes negative is good and sometimes it’s bad. Its just how you take it. You see with a positive attitude then it would be a plus for you, you see with a negative attitude then it would be a minus. So, to answer your question, always smile and be positive you’ll notice things to change.

Well this is going longer than I expected. I think it is time to stop for now and I assure you this would be the last stopping for this topic. Keep posted for the next update and don't forget to like, share and comment your thoughts. 

- Maravis Radnus