Monday, 18 March 2019

Confusions of an Indian Teenager- I

 "You cannot escape the responsibilities of tomorrow by evading it today!" 
- Abraham Thomas Lincoln

We humans are naive in so many ways! Your mind can be your best of friends as well as your worst of enemies. Well obviously this blog isn't about the human brain... then what is it about: Life choices? Career? Self realization? Doubts?

Before you start your wonderful tour through my words let me just put it out there again to all who have a problem with my writing style, this is just my opinion and has nothing to do with whatever you dream! Just one more thing before we start, I'd like to thank all of those for suggesting your troubles and confusions. Now that all the formalities are over, lets begin with a short yet wonderful story.

THE GREAT HOUDINI: The Master Magician.
    Starting his career in the early 1890's, our hero knew little success. Eventually he became famous through his acts of breaking out of cells. This is one such incident. Once, the great Houdini challenged the prisons to lock him in a cell with his street clothes on and he would escape it in an hour. One of the prison accepted the challenge and locked Houdini in the cell behind metal doors. Houdini removed a tiny piece of metal hidden cleverly inside his belt. For thirty minutes our great hero tried confidently to open the locks. By the time it was fifty minutes Harry started to sweat and his confidence started to slip away. After trying for two hours, Houdini in defeat collapsed at the door which then opened. the reason why it opened was the door was never locked. But the reality in which our hero thought that the door was locked by the best locksmith of that time was just his mind believing it. 
You might all be wondering why I'm telling you this story. We might think our life is full of struggles, we might think that we are alone, we might believe this is what we are. But is it? 
All our answers lie before us, we just don't see them because we believe what our mind wants us to believe. A good friend of mine once said and I quote "Learn to deceive your mind, once you do you'll soar high!"

Harry Houdini

 P.S. As this is a huge topic I've decided to write it into two parts. Stay tuned for more and do follow my blog!!!

           - Maravis Radnus