Monday, 14 January 2019

KARMA - The cycle of Rebirth

"You will never understand the damage you did until someone else does the same to you, that's why I'm here." -Karma

 A close friend of mine asked me to write about karma a few days back and just like any person would have said I said no too and the reason is writing about karma itself is like pulling the tail of a ferocious lion in its own den, yet she convinced me saying; "You're a writer, be creative!"
 So here I am, trying my best to write about karma. Took me a long time just to figure how to begin, cause i wanted this to be perfect in every way. Now the things I write is only my way of seeing karma, others might have other perspectives, and I respect them just the way you respect mine.
Now that everything is on the table, lets begin the adventure. To those who have a faint heart, put on your seat belts!

Stories of a lifetime say,
Turning a sway around the way,
Hanging around through an edge,
Nothing left than the grudge.

All around the world, through each and every religion, culture, country and ethnicity "KARMA" is often referred to as "The Cycle of Rebirth." When dug deep I came to know that our ancestors coined the term karma when there was no logical explanation to the events that occurred in our Universe. Some called it as the Enlightenment, some called it as the Power and the Will of God and some said it was Science. Some even called it as Demented, Necromancy or Magic. The Time, The Place, The People, the Past, the Present and the Future are all just the fragments of karma. Each and Every moment in this universe is affected and connected by Karma. I'm not sure how many of you people have heard about the butterfly effect, but to those who haven't let me explain it briefly. "The butterfly effect states that when there is a small and a minute change in the present; that change can result in a larger difference in the near future." Many of you by now might have a question popping in your minds, what does this have to do with karma?
Well my friends, to answer your question everything is related to karma. There are lots and lots of theories trying to prove this. If your not yet convinced you all might have heard about how History and Time repeats itself. If you google about this you'll find a lot of examples. 

Droplets of time,
Drumming over mime,
Lost among the fall,
Through an icy draped shawl.

Karma connects the dots of the past reacting in the present by preserving the future. Through all times, the universe finds a way to connect the people and right the wrong in order to maintain the balance of nature. There is only one force much powerful than karma itself and if your wondering what that might be, its love. When two souls truly connect to each other there is no way they can be split. Be it now or then; they have the power to convince karma to help them attain their goals and until that has happened their auras would cause havoc and imbalance to the universe. When karma starts to mend a mistake, the whole universe stands by its side. When this happens one might find signs by mother nature herself such as the crashing of waves, lightning storms, blazing fires, earthquakes, floods etc. Like I said earlier, to some this might be a fact and to some this might just be some crap.

Every heartbeat to itself,
Stringing a new moment in life,
Ticking through time nevertheless,
The cycle of birth blazing afresh.

Perspectives may vary from person to person, this is just mine. In short the Universe has different ways to get back for what has happened in the past. Its better we leave it as such or else the very fabric of nature will be in chaos!

Until next time!!!

- Maravis Radnus

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