Saturday, 27 October 2018

It's all about YOU!!!

"Your voice can change the world!" 
- Barack Obama

It has always been a wonder to me about how life is full of struggles. Each day I see people fighting for something or the other. Battling through their thoughts, resisting their pain, struggling through their emotions. I see people at work, students, parents, businessmen, daily-wagers, construction workers, police men and not to forget the army personnel protecting our homes 24/7. What never seizes to amaze me is how we overcome all those struggles and how we rise above them to make ourselves a better person. A wise man i knew once said and I quote "Dedicate yourself, you can find yourself!"

You can walk straight,
You can walk upside down,
You can turn around,
You can never even try,
but there's not a single day in your life
when you won't burn with the brightest flame.

One day the world's going to know your name,that day make sure you smash through the walls and be a champion. Be the brightest, Just be the best. Beat the war, Beat the world. Break the rocks, smash through the walls. You can do all those, if you trust in yourself, if you believe in yourself. You are you, The greatest hero, The greatest person you've met in your life. Once you start believing in that, you can move a mountain with just rocks. 

Every one has a choice. you can either be student or become teacher, be a believer or become a preacher, be a politician or become a leader, be an astronaut or become the champion, be a truth seeker or be anyone you want. But believe in the voice, be the reason for the change. 

Out of all those things, I chose to be a writer, I chose to be the voice of change because I believe that the power of words through voice is stronger than any superhero and greater than any weapon. You are your own clock, Be your own hero. Be your own voice. Don't think, BECOME!

Throw your hands up,
Listen to your voice,
Be the truth by choice,
Be the brightest in the club.

Until next time!

 - Maravis Radnus