Saturday, 28 April 2018

The stars of Time

A great man once said and i quote:  "Don't only practice your art , but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine." It took me long enough to write my first blog, and I am very happy to do so now. I must say that one little girl inspired me to be who I am. Its just like how everyone says "The once master becomes the student." 
BHARAT PUTRA NATIONAL COUNCIL, its not just a council but also a part of who we are in our everyday life, the part which feels bad seeing a young boy or a girl beg on the streets, the part which feels sorry for seeing old people suffer, the part which feels empty for doing nothing about all this.
A friend of mine once said, writing something and speaking something are two different things,but i rather not heed to what he said. You got to decide in which you are good at. You may ask me what if you are good at both?. Well there is an answer for that too, just for instance you are given a mike and asked to speak about a particular topic for a few minutes, you wonder what you need to speak, which words to use, how you can emphasize your ideas. That moment is when you take a pen and a paper and start jolting down your thoughts. That moment will tell you who you are.
Lets touch the skies, jump over our legacies, find our own path and leave a trail for life might be a hard game, but it has a lesson behind every scar. Dream for your life cause only then can you achieve more.